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Pet Odor And Pet Stain

If you're a pet owner you are all too familiar with how pet stains start. You turn your back on your angelic pet for a moment, nature calls, and presto! Your lovely carpet (or other home furnishing) is suddenly marked by urine or feces. And your little furry angel? They plead the 5th.

Washington DC Carpet Cleaning has a whole cleaning service especially designed for the removal of pet stains and the neutralization of the associated odor. Typical carpet and upholstery stains, like coffee or wine, are indeed difficult to remove, however urine is unique in that urine, and especially cat urine, quickly sinks down to a carpet's padding and even to the floor beneath it. Furthermore, pets frequently return to the same place to mark because they can easily smell over any store bought stain removal.

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Pet Stains, Nature's Trick

As mentioned above, stains created by pets differ from the average stain because they are accompanied by a very distinguishable odor. This odor might become apparent immediately or might develop after several hours or even days. If the stain has been in place for a while the removal process could take just as long to complete.

These particular stains require removal by a specialized enzyme cleaning. This will ensure that the bacteria attracting proteins in your pet's urine will disappear. This stage of stain removal is delicate because of the potential for over saturation. Over saturation means over moisturization which, in turn, means bacteria come running from the woodwork to gather and spread. A professional carpet cleaner will be educated on the appropriate amount of cleaning solution to apply to particular kinds of fibers and will certainly be able to tell when it is too much.

If your pet has had an accident on your carpet or rug, don't get angry, get Washington DC Carpet Cleaners. Our customer service representatives will be happy to further explain any cleaning details involved or to provide you with a free price estimate on this or any other of our cleaning services.

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